How do I change my property over to Street Smart Property Management if it is being managed by another property management company?

All you need to do is fill out the Street Smart Property Management Transfer Form which can be downloaded here, complete the form and email them back to us to [email protected] We will do all the rest, everything else carries on as usual, changing your property manager could never be easier.

What rental amount will I receive for my investment property?

Street Smart Property Management understand that you are an investor and want to maximise the rent you can get while minimising any vacancy. We provide a free rental appraisal service, contact us.

How long will it take to find a tenant for my rental property?

This is always a hard question as it is dependent on a number of factors, the better the property is presented, the more realistic the rental and amount you are asking and the level of professionalism of the property manager will determine the time frame the property will rent out.

Periodic or Fixed Term Tenancies?

We offer both Fixed Term and Periodic Tenancies as situations of each Landlord and Tenant vary. Fixed Term tenancies have a start and end date then convert to a periodic tenancy but can not be terminated during the fixed term by either party unless an agreement is reached between the parties. We generally aim for a minimum 12 month Fixed Term Tenancy as the shifting wear and tear on the property is less and a consistent cash flow is achieved for Landlords while a sense of stability is achieved for tenants.

How much Bond do we charge?

The minimum Bond we require is equivalent to 3 weeks rent. At times we may request a Bond of 4 weeks if we feel it is necessary and/ or we may request a Guarantor We only accept the Bond to be paid as cleared funds, and until all the funds are received i.e. Bond & week in advance we do not sign the tenancy agreement with the tenant. The Bond is receipted by us and paid to Tenancy Services. A confirmation letter is sent to the tenant, and the Bond Lodgment Form is sent to Tenancy Services.

What if the Tenant doesn’t look after the property?

We inspect properties on a 3 monthly rotation and therefore can quickly and easily identify how the tenant is caring for the property. If there are any repairs or cleaning required as a result of the tenants carelessness or lack of care, then we issue the tenant a notice to rectify these issues. We review the cleaning and/or repair by the tenant to ensure that it has been carried out to our standard (a typical tenant authorised repair is a broken window).


Sometimes it is appropriate for Street Smart Property Management to organise the repair to be carried out on behalf of the tenant. We then send the tenant an account for reimbursement. In the event we have a major issue with the tenant then we can claim on the Landlord Protection Insurance (Rentsure?) if the Landlord has cover.


If there are repairs or maintenance required as a result of general wear & tear and aging of the property, then we arrange the appropriate preventative or corrective maintenance.

Do I need Landlord Protection Insurance?

Landlord Protection Insurance is not compulsory for your property, however we strongly advise that every Landlord purchases specific Landlord Protection Insurance for their property.


We recommend Rentsure? Insurance which covers you in the event of:

  • loss or damage to the property or contents caused by malicious damage or theft by the tenant and/ or premises left untenantable
  • loss of rent following a tenant vacating without the required notice
  • loss of rent following eviction for non-payment of rent
  • loss of rent due to prevention of access, or failure of public utilities
  • legal liability as a Landlord for damage to the tenants property or personal injury at the rental property
When do you send out rent statements to Landlords?

We process rent statements monthly at the end of each month. Statements are emailed to you automatically. However, Rent is disbursed weekly as we believe with property investing, cash flow is important!



Can you pay my Council Rates, Water Rates, Body Corp Fees and Insurance Premiums?

Yes, please advise us in writing and redirect all invoices to our PO Box.



Do you provide me with an End of Year Summary Statement for my Income Tax Return?

We can email you an end of year summary at the end of the financial year, this makes it a lot easier for you and your accountant. Your accountant will love you for it!



Is Street Smart Property Management the cheapest property management business in the area?

No, however we do believe we are the Best property management business in Auckland focused on providing a high level of service unsurpassed in the industry. We provide a full service and have found that charging a discount price dictates a lower level of service, therefore we charge a competitive rate commensurate with the high level of service we provide to our clients. Low fees can cost, we charge a competitive market rate which ensures your asset is well cared for.