I/We hereby appoint Street Smart Property Management Ltd to act as my/our sole agent on the terms and conditions set out below with respect to the property stated below.

Property Address:*

Features of the Property

Type of Property*
Types of Parking*
Number of Parking Spaces*

I/We authorise and instruct you:

To find applicants: To advertise for tenants and to receive applications and to select the best applicant on merit.

Bond: I authorise you to collect a three week bond and to pay it direct to the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment on my behalf whether or not the bond lodgement form bears my/our signature.

Letting fee: I direct you to collect the letting fee from the tenant in terms S.17 (4) (c) Residential Tenancies Act 1986.

Rent: I instruct you to let the premises for not less than the below rent amount entered per week and collect 1 week rent in advance.

Rent amount per week ($)*
Pets: I instruct you that in the tenancy pets are*
Term: I instruct you to let the premises on a*

Minimum Period: From the date of this authority, the property will be available for renting for the minimum period selected below.

Minimum Period (Months)*
Availability date: The property will be available from*

Tenancy agreement: I authorise you to use any tenancy agreement form you deem appropriate and to sign it on our behalf.

Possession: I will give the tenant the keys and grant possession.

Grounds: The grounds are to be maintained by the tenant*
Numbers: The maximum number of tenants to occupy the premises is:*

As the owner I agree that it is my responsibility to do the following:

1. Complete a written property inspection form on granting occupation.

2. Complete a water meter reading on granting possession.

3. Complete a chattels list if appropriate before granting possession.

4. To ensure that you have been paid your letting fee by the tenant before granting possession to the tenant. If I omit to check that
you have been paid your letting fee and you have not been paid then I agree to pay your letting fee upon demand.

5. Not to advertise in competition with you.

6. Am aware there is a 1 week rent plus $150 + GST admin fee for this casual letting service in which I will be invoiced.

I attach my details to enable you to prepare a tenancy agreement:

Landlord Name to appear on the tenancy agreement:*
Address for service:*

My bank account details are:

Bank Account Number:*

I/We warrant that all information supplied by us is correct ad that where there is more than one owner that I have authority to bind other co-owners.